Stephen NgKnown as the King of the Air, the Eagle has become for many countries a national symbol that depicts beauty, power and independence.

Eagles are known for their well-focused vision and swift actions.

As they soar majestically into the air, a mature eagle has eyes that are sharp enough to pick up the slightest movement of the smallest object on the ground.

The moment it detects any movement, it keeps its prey well in focus. At the right time, the Eagle swings immediately into action and captures its prize.

Like the Eagles, we are committed to help your company to remain focused in all your marketing and promotional activities.

Our services include anything from media, marketing and branding consultancy to copywriting, publishing and "Below-the-Line" publications. All these, with the market in mind to help you achieve the desired results.

If for the Eagle, the sky is the limit, for us, it means soaring high with the wings of the Eagle!

Keep us in mind when you are looking for a consultant- the Market Eagles!

We are still a small outfit, but expanding our scope of work, as we build on our reputation of being able to deliver our jobs on time.


Stephen Ng


Yoong & Ng Consulting

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