There is a saying, "`Dog Bites Man' can happen any time, but `Man Bites Dog!' will immediately hit the headlines."

Being able to differentiate between what is newsworthy and what isn't, is important to ensure that your organisation enjoys a strong and meaningful media relations with the editors of the press!

Getting news of your organisation into the media has to be a mutually beneficial experience for both parties. For your organisation, it is about getting your story to be read by many but for the editor, it is about getting the scoop -- and not missing out on important news that other papers will carry!

Over 15 years on the job working both as a part time journalist and a corporate marketer and corporate communications director, I dare say I am still on the learning curve - despite having developed the nose to sniff out what's newsworthy. The other core strength that I have is being able to develop creative news angles out of the ordinary through a series of brainstorming sessions.

As a consultant engaged on a retainer basis, my objective is not to deliver `x' number of media articles a month, but over time, to gear your team to become more media savvy. And, you as the chief executive officer of your organisation, to know how to be media-savvy and deal with the press.

Trust me, a media savvy organisation will guarantee you better results and you will soon agree with me that no amount of advertising dollars and the pressure you apply on the editors will achieve the same mileage!

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-- Stephen Ng

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