Journalism: Our writer, Stephen Ng has a wide exposure writing for the Malay Mail, the New Straits Times, the Star, Bernama, Malaysian Business, GradAsia, AsiaViews and FRV magazine. If your publication requires a writer, please do not hesitate to contact us. Samples of the articles are available from here.

Writing Press Releases: Writing an effective press release is very different from writing a Public relations story about your company. We can help you generate effective press releases on your behalf.

Speech Writing: You are a busy person, and from time to time, you have to give a public address, but you have no one who can write the speech for you. We can provide speech writing services on a retainer basis or per job basis.

Contents for your website: Your website needs contents. To produce contents, you need someone to study your organisation and provide the copy (i.e. the text) for the web designer. We can also provide cost-effective web designs similar to the pages you see on this website.

Editing: Editing work is a tedious process to ensure that the material that you produce is written in a way that people can read and understand. We have experience in editiing magazines and handbooks such as PIKOM's ICT Strategic Review 2010/11: e-Commerce for Global Reach. Editing work can also be done for websites that require some improvement in terms of presentation of company profile, products and services. We can also provide editing services for your company's correspondence on a retainer basis. Our consultants include an English professor and a former editor of a newspaper with over 32 years of experience.

Copywriting: Copywriting can be done for the contents of websites, trade directories, magazines and newspaper pullouts (in the form of advertorials) as well as brochures and Below-the-Line Publications which your company produces. We have provided copywriting for Proton's 25th Anniversary Coffee Table book, a project undertaken by Berita Publishing for Proton Holdings. We have also done a series of copywriting for Bayer's advertisements in Malaysian Business. The company has been involved in the copywriting process for Sunway University College's blaze magazine since 2009.


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