One of our major interests is to produce books of fellow Malaysians who have a story to tell. They do not need to be important or well-known figures, but ordinary Malaysians who have a story to tell, a legacy to leave behind for their children and their grandchildren.

We have often explained to our clients that the money spent on printing 500 copies of the book may be worth much more than buying a plot of burial ground worth tens of thousands of RInggit.

With our services, you can either have your story written as a biography or an autobiography. If you would the story written from your own perspectives, you will need a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter will write on your behalf. At the end of the day, it will carry your name on the book. In some cases, the name of the writer may also appear on the book cover as well, but the copyrights of the book belongs to you.

If you prefer your story to be told from a third person's perpective, we can also produce your biography based on your personal account. In some cases, we may have to create the scenario once again. This will require you to provide a lot of details for the writer.

Fees for the writer can range anything from RM5,000 to RM50,000, depending on how complicated the job is. Payment has to be done progressively.

Besides printing the final draft of the book, you can also consider doing it on a website for wider readership.














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Love of a Mother

*Unfortunately, this book cannot be made available to you as the owner of the copyrights has decided to keep the book within his family circle and friends. However, you may request a hard copy by writing to

To find out what a ghostwriter does, listen to this interview on BFM the Business Station.



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